Total Lunar Eclipse of September 2015

2015 Total Lunar Time Lapse

Total Lunar Eclipse of September 27th, 2015 It seemed ages ago.  From this neck of the woods, it had been nearly five years since the last decent total lunar eclipse occurred.  Three of us piled into a car already crammed with telescopes and photographic gear and drove west for hours […]

Comet C2014 Q2 LOVEJOY

Comets Solar System

Comet C2014 Q2 LOVEJOY What an adventure. It was the night of January 20th, 2015. We were driving an Xterra in 4-wheel drive LOW through meter-deep snow up a crazy steep hill. Graeme and I were on our way to Cabin Hill to capture comet C2014 Q2 LOVEJOY and it […]