Kendrick Premiere Dew Controller FET replacement

Kendrick Premiere Dew Controller FET replacement I’ve been struggling to keep my corrector plate of my 11 inch Celestron EdgeHD free of dew lately.  It remains free of dew for most of the night but seems to always dew up just before dawn when, critically, I need to be taking […]

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An Evening with the Starmaster at the FLO

The night at the Fred Lossing Observatory was a celestial tour: from the moon’s craters in Sagittarius to brief glimpses of Jupiter and Saturn. We struggled against moonlight to see the Swan Nebula, but were rewarded with the stunning M13 in Hercules. The evening wrapped up with a warm meal and a whimsical visit to Denny’s

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Journey Through the Constellations

A Journey Through the Constellations With spring finally here and the snow receding, I thought I’d take a nice leisurely stroll on my bicycle down to Manotick yesterday. A friend of mine had been asking me to take her out cycling for quite some time so I thought it would […]

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