I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy. As a child, I couldn’t wait to go to the science store to look at the telescopes.  My first telescope was a 6 inch Newtonian that I mounted on a Skywatcher EQ-6.  It didn’t take much time before I learned it was possible to attach a camera to the telescope. My love for astrophotography was born shortly thereafter. I had no idea how complex it would be and how much effort would be needed to produce fine images. 

My initial projects comprised short images and showed a surprising amount of detail for me at the time, but there were tracking errors and optical aberrations.  Throughout the years though, I refined my system constantly.  I tried various hardware and software combinations.  I now take on projects with very long exposure duration often exceeding 10-20 hours and my processing skills allow extraction of details I never would have dreamed about those first few nights.

And so this hobby of mine carries me forward, endlessly reminding me how vast the universe is and constantly leaving me in awe as I look back through time and see how the universe looked millions, even billions, of years ago!