Inspirational Wonders of the Cosmos

Real-Time Solar Images

[AIA 094]

[AIA 171]

[AIA 193]

[AIA 304]

[AIA 335]

[AIA 171 & HMIB]

[HMI Magnetogram]

[HMI Intensitygram]

Solar Wind & Radio Flux

[Space Weather Dials]

[Global D-RAP]

[Goddard (ISWA)]

Auroral Ovals

[OVATION Auroral Oval North]

[OVATION Auroral Oval South]

Space Weather Charts

[GOES X-Ray Flux - 6 Hour Plot]

[GOES X-Ray Flux - 3 Day Plot]

[GOES Proton Flux]

[Estimate Planetary Kb]

[GOES Electron Flux]

[ACE Real-Time Solar Wind]

[GOES Magnetometer]