New gear and a whole new set of techniques to master

After having replaced the coated shutter blades with new stainless steel blades in my SXVR-H18, it seems that dust on the sensor is a thing of the past.  I decided to try my luck and attempt to image the Whirlpool galaxy last night.  Since the last time I was out imaging, I’ve upgraded several pieces of hardware on my mount and with all this great weather I am finally having a chance to get out and figure out how it all works.  I attempted 1000 second sub-exposures and noticed the stars were not as round as without guiding.  Seems to have been coming from too much backlash in the RA gear as the guide camera attempted to push the mount back and forth, so I’ll have to readjust the worm gear and test it out again tonight. I also may have balanced my mount too well which can sometimes lead to it bouncing around on the worm gear.  I didn’t have this problem before I opened up the mount and put new grease on everything so I’ll take this as an indication that my mount is indeed working better now.  The Gemini 2 sure is fun to watch as it pushes the telescope around.  Sure is loud though!