Inspirational Wonders of the Cosmos gets a “code” lift!

For the last several weeks I have been writing and testing code in order to facilitate a new way of managing all the content on this website. After initially writing the code for this website just over a year ago, I quickly realized that the task of having to modify code every time I added content was going to grow exponentially in its complexity. I decided about 6 months ago to make the change, but it took a while before I had the chance to sit down and learn other programming languages necessary to implement it all. I am happy to announce that the change has been made!

As of now, Inspirational Wonders of the Cosmos has a new functioning blogging section, a news section and a functioning project section (although I have not yet had the chance to sit down and write any posts in that section yet). The article section I originally was so excited about will finally see some new articles be posted up on the site since I’ll be paying more attention to writing content than writing code! I have implemented a way of searching through the various posts while in the blogging section and have improved the functionality of the twitter feed so it gets updated automatically now in near real-time.

With the news section and the addition of a near real-time twitter feed, it is my hope that I can get the word out fast enough to anyone interested in upcoming astronomical events. It will be especially helpful to let everyone know when any public outreach event has been scheduled at the last minute so hopefully more people end up being able to make it to these tremendously exciting events!

Lastly, I have rewritten the way the images themselves are displayed in an effort to better showcase the images. I am still writing captions for many items I have added back into the site that were here before, but going forward this is now a simple task involving adding content only – no more coding. I’ll now be getting my new images posted on the site far faster after acquiring them in the first place!