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Horsehead and Flame nebulae

Through a telescope, the universe reveals itself in a spectacular display.  Countless worlds outside of our own come to life as galaxies collide, stars implode, and immense clouds of gas clump to form new solar systems! Come with me on a journey back through time, where I hope my images will leave you feeling inspired to learn more about the universe and the incredible events that have shaped it over time!

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Atmospheric Limitations

If there’s one thing I find I end up explaining to people time and time again at public outreach events, it’s the concept of atmospheric seeing conditions and how they affect the view through a telescope.  Whenever our group gets together, there is always a handful of different telescope designs and sizes on hand for the public to look through.  I am often asked why the view through some of the smaller telescopes appears to be better than that through the larger telescopes at the event.  It surprises most people when I tell them that most of the time here in the northeast a large telescope doesn’t always equate to having a better view. The problem is as simple as the air we have to look through.  Regardless of how big or how good your optics are, the thing that has the most influence on how well your optics perform is the atmospheric conditions you are looking through in the first place. …Continue reading →

Keeping It Simple

If I could pass  only one piece of information to anybody just getting into astronomy, it would be to keep things simple. The main obstacle in this hobby is time.  Complexity of this hobby grows exponentially once a camera is attached to a telescope. Extra gear needs to be set up quickly yet calibrated to a remarkable precision. Having a system for setting up all the gear can increase your chances for success once temperatures start dropping and sleep deprivation starts to slow your thinking processes. …Continue reading →

A Lunar Eclipse To Remember

It seemed ages ago.  From this neck of the woods, it had been nearly five years since the last decent total lunar eclipse occurred.  Three of us piled into a car already crammed with telescopes and photographic gear and drove west for hours to escape cloud cover.  We ended up driving pretty much to Peterborough before …Continue reading →

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A Journey Through the Constellations

With spring finally here and the snow receding, I thought I’d take a nice leisurely stroll on my bicycle down to Manotick yesterday. A friend of mine had been asking me to take her out cycling for quite some time so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to combine the two activities. As we made our way across rolling terrain, the blacktop guided us through quiet farmland and across quite a few streams now only half frozen. The sound of many birds brought music to our ears and the sun warmed our faces. …Continue reading →

Space Weather

For some time now I have thought about adding a section to this site that deals with real time space weather data. Last night I decided to finally sit down and code it out. The main menu at the top of the page now contains an item named SPACE WEATHER which brings you to a page with charts and images showing near real-time data from many satellites and ground based stations. The page updates every minute and when it does all the images are regenerated from the server.

New gear and a whole new set of techniques to master

After having replaced the coated shutter blades with new stainless steel blades in my SXVR-H18, it seems that dust on the sensor is a thing of the past.  I decided to try my luck and attempt to image the Whirlpool galaxy last night.  Since the last time I was out imaging, I’ve upgraded several pieces of hardware on my mount and with all this great weather I am finally having a chance to get out and figure out how it all works.  …Continue reading →